Komunica Bazooka 780 wideband mobile vertical

HF mobile antenna solution?

After spending time trying to make one of the patch-lead type commercial HF mobile antennas work on my car roof with a large three magnet base without success.

I had decided to buy two single band whips, one for 40m and one for 20m but when I saw this Spanish multi-band antenna at 99.95 Euros at Friedrichshafen, I decided to buy one, with the hope that it’s claim of being wide band from 7MHz to 30MHz with an SWR of 1.5:1 and not needing an ATU, would turn out to be true. The construction of the antenna looks VERY solid – similar to some 300 Euro models from other stalls at Friedrichshafen.

I found it rather nice that the CEO of the company approached me when I bought the antenna and asked me to send her feedback on what I found as this was a new product and they really need feedback for any future development if needed. It really is new – it’s not even on their website yet.

So how was my first test … rather good!

I attached my hefty three magnet base to the car roof and assembled the antenna – assembly is simply dropping the whip in the top and tightening the grub screw. I did have a little trouble here as the mount has been accurately machined so that I really had to push the whip in to get it far enough down for the grub screw to be able to clamp onto it. Once that was done, it was a matter of screwing the bottom of the antenna (PL259 plug) onto the base.

At the other end of the cable I attached my Rig Expert AA-30 Antenna analyser and scanned from 0-30MHz with an interesting result …. from 80 metres through to 10 metres the SWR is 1.2:1 – better than the advertised 1.5:1. Another interesting point – the SWR only goes up under 3MHz, so despite the antenna being sold as a 7-30MHz antenna, it looks like it should also work on 60 and 80 metres! Actually with an ATU, it’s supposed to work on 50MHz (6 metres) as well however as mobile or portable operation is not allowed on 6 metres in Germany, that capability is not relevant.

Next test

– drive out somewhere, plug in the FT-817 and try the antenna out for real!